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We agree that parquet patterns are the most beautiful of all floors. There are many variations on parquet floors. Famous people and places have different kinds of parquet (Thomas Jefferson's home, the Louvre museum in France... ). Most common parquet include; herringbone and finer-block. Our pictures show a Bosnian pattern. The main field is installed herringbone beech (Bosanska bukva) and the border is Santos Mahogany.   

Floating Floor

The best choice to put on concrete or tile sub floor. It’s a common choice for basement floors, because floating floor deals well with moisture. Also, it’s good choice to install where loud noise is not permitted.
We always install a tiny layer of foam to divide wood from concrete, that increases softness under your feet and adds warmth to the floor.


Its popularity is picking up. The most common color is light or darkened yellow. It is laminated into layers, creating horizontal or vertical grain. Compared to hardwood, which takes 20-30 years to mature, bamboo reached full size and maturity in 3-4 years. It’s a strong as red oak, but it deals better with moisture. Bamboo is easily regenerated.


If you would like to have hardwood floors different from your friends and neighbors, the cheapest way is to instal borders. They can match perfectly with kitchen cabinets or surround dining room sets. They also look great around fireplaces or in entering hallways. You can informally divide two area in a same room. There is a variety of colors and shapes.


Medallions can be a spectacular focal point, especially when placed in front of fire place or in any archway or transition between rooms. There are many combinations of shapes and colors.


Patching is usually an occasion when you change your radiators, take down a wall to make a bigger space, or when a small part of your floor is damaged. We are able to replace pieces of hardwood floor seperately, and after sanding, everything looks the same.


We do all kind of the stairs .......