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Wood floor installation:


° We install strip floor (2 1/4" by 3/4"), planks (3", 4" or 5" by
  3/4"), parquet, engineered floor, unfinished or pre-finished.
° We install on: wood(plywood), concrete, linoleum...sub floors.
° We install floating floor  
° We install bamboo
° We do custom borders, medallions,
° We do patching
° We do stairs
° Wood floor refinishing:
    ° Sanding with rough paper (grits 20, 30 or 40)
    ° Sanding with fine paper (grits 60, 80 and 100)
    ° Circular buffing to insure smooth surface.
    ° Vacuuming
    ° First coat (stain or poly)
    ° Buffing vacuuming and second coat (next day)
    ° Buffing, vacuuming and last coat (third day)
    ° Water based finishing has the same procedure, but can be
      & done in a shorter time period. (One coat is dry in one hour)


We refresh floors: Includes light buffing and revitalizing, with one coat of polyurethane (The cheapest and easiest way to keep your floors protected and beautiful through the years).