Installing floors


Wood floor installation:

  • A strip floor (2 1/4″ by 3/4″), planks (3″, 4″ or 5″ by 3/4″), parquet, engineered floor, unfinished or pre-finished.
  • On: wood (plywood), concrete, linoleum…subfloors.
  • A floating floor
  • Bamboo floor
  • A custom borders, medallions,
  • Floor patching
  • Stairs

Wood floor refinishing:

  • Sanding with rough paper (grits 20, 30, or 40)
  • Sanding with fine paper (grits 60, 80, and 100)
  • Circular buffing to ensure a smooth surface.
  • Vacuuming
  • The first coat (stain or poly)
  • Buffing vacuuming and second coat (next day)
  • Buffing, vacuuming, and last coat (third day)
  • Water-based finishing has the same procedure, but can be & done in a shorter time period. (One coat is dry in one hour)

Kemco Floors, LLC. specializes in new floor installation, refinishing, and sanding for residential and commercial clients.


Red oak is not red, and white oak is not white. Red oak has a warm, reddish tone and the grain shows very well, especially with stain. White oak is light brown color and less grain shows. It is a little denser, and it withstands more humidity. (See picture)

Hardwood is our choice. The price is comparable, but nothing else. With hardwood floor, you have a real value in your house. Regular thickness (3/4 inch) can be sanded 10 times. After any sanding, you can play with the color, and the floor looks like new. Every sanding can last 5-10 years, plus, you can refresh (buffing and coating) every year. That means you can have a nice hardwood floor for 100 years. -LIVE LONG. Laminate doesn’t contain any wood. It is plastic. You cannot sand laminate, so any scratch or damage will stay there forever. And laminate doesn’t count towards your home improvement value.

With red oak as a standard, pine is 30-50% softer. Bamboo is the same hardness; maple is 10% harder; hickory is 40% harder; and Brazilian cherry and mahogany are 70-80% harder.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

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